Welcome to Leighton Academy

A welcome from the Principal, Mrs Young:

The talented staff and local advisory board of Leighton Academy are passionate about expanding the curriculum and reinvigorating our children's commitment to learning; making it real and unforgettable. As a large primary academy but with a strong community ethos, we are able to offer specialist teaching in German and PE whilst maintaining a relentless approach to embedding high standards in the core skills of reading, writing and maths.

We are a happy school where everyone is valued and given a breadth of opportunities; ensuring a love of life long learning and preparation for the next stage of their journey. Developing a close relationship between home and school is central to our vision and as such our door is always open.

 Please feel free to contact us to arrange a visit and see the academy at work.


The wheel denotes progress, forward thinking and constant improvement. We aim to reproduce it on every appropriate occasion. The aims are all equally important and always developing.

Care and prepare:

We will support and care for all our pupils, whatever their needs, and prepare them for life beyond Leighton. Our pupils will learn the value of money, work, relationships and society. We aim to show them how society functions and what role they can play in the future.

Develop skills for life:

The key skills of reading, writing, technology and maths are vital achievements for our pupils. We also aim to nurture their good health, resilience, common sense, confidence and personality. Our pupils must learn to be team players, have a go at new challenges and find the thing that inspires them. This could be art, music, dance, football, theatre or maths. There’s a chance for everyone to shine.

Offer opportunities and broaden horizons:

We aim to give all children opportunities to learn new skills and subjects that may be unfamiliar to them. We aim to introduce them to new experiences. By doing this we can fire imagination and build aspiration for our children. We can foster a love of learning and an enquiring mind.

Provide the most innovative teaching:

Great teaching gives our pupils the best opportunity to learn and grow. We aim to support our staff to aspire to be the very best teachers they can be and encourage them to innovate and embrace new technologies and techniques to help them.

Build a community to be proud of:

Our school is, and always has been, at the heart of our community. We aim to build on this relationship to grow and develop. Our children will be encouraged to be respectful, polite and tolerant both in school and in their out of school activities.

Underpinng all of this are our school values:


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