Year 1 Home Learning

^^^ A message from Mrs Young for those of you who are returning to school, you may also spot some of your friends featuring on the video!!! 

Please use this webpage to support your child learning from home. We are setting a learning timetable that will be emailed to you each Friday and is also attached below. 

We would love to hear about any work your child is completing at home, please share any work or pictures with us via email and do not hesitate to contact us for support. 

 Stay safe, keep smiling, keep in touch and most importantly have fun - Year 1 Team :)

Miss Davies -

Miss Randell -

There are documents and photos attached below to point you in the right direction for helpful websites and some fun activities that your child can complete.


Phonics is such a vital area for children to be using and to be confident in. In year 1 we would have been administering the 'Year 1 Phonics Screening Check' in June. It is so important that your child is using their phonics knowledge to decode and blend words. We are going to start sending 5 phonics sounds on a Monday that you can look at with your child over the week, you can focus on one sound each day. These will be sounds that your child will be familiar with but we are aware that they have had a long break from having a set phonics lesson, however phonics is a skill they will be using constantly when reading and writing. Your child will be familair with phonics language such as 'digraph' two letters that make one sound for example 'ai' and 'trigraph' three letters that make one sound for example 'igh'. (See 11.5.20 Phonics Email)

Useful documents attached and helpful links to websites below.

11.5 - ai   ee  igh  oa  oo

18.5 - oo(u)   ar   or   ur   ow   

01.06 - oi   ear   air   er   ue

08.06 - ure    ay    oy     ea    alphabet focus

15.06 -  ie   ew(ue)   ew(oo)   ou   alphabet focus

22.06 - a_e   e_e   i_e   o_u   alphabet focus

29.06 - u_e   ir   au   screening check   tricky words

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need more information or support!

Year 1 spellings words and tricky words have been handed out previously but they are also attached on this page. Year 1 spelling words are words that your child is expected to spell by the end of the year. Tricky words are those words that we meet frequently that we cannot use phonics to decode. Encourage your child to be able to read and spell these words and use them in sentences both verbally and written. See attached 'Fun Ways to Practice Spellings!' for different ideas of how to practice these words.

Remember it is really important that your child has brain breaks, ventures outside and is able to have time to use their incredible imagination! We are constantly adding photos and documents below with ideas that we think you and your child will enjoy.

Allow your child to use money and play 'shops', talk about telling the time and baking are great maths activities that can happen at home. These are really important life skills!!! 

Useful Websites.


Child friendly ebooks to help children to understand what is happening in their world right now;

BBC Bitesize - have got daily lessons in all areas of learning from Maths to Music. 

Oak National Academy - have a variety of lessons from all subjects, they have videos and quizzes to help your child to learn! Have a look at the Geography unit learning about the 7 continents!

Twinkl - has so many exciting activities for you and your child to do. They also have '60 Second Reads' which are great for comprehension questions when reading, 'Maths Challenge Cards' and Phonics Games.

Keep Active At Home With Mrs Holland - Have a look at Mrs Hollands webpage under Home Learning. She has done a really useful video for an easy way to learn to tie your shoe laces, now is a really good time to learn everyday life skills like this! 


Maths Factor - Maths activities from Carole Vorderman.

Top Marks - has a variety of activities but is great for Maths games.


Myon - a selection of books that you can access online or download. You have now been emailed your child's log in details. 

Puffin Books - favourite books being shown and read aloud. 

Oxford Owl - has a great range of Ebooks available for your child.

Accelerated Reader - for those children with a log in and who have been using this at school (you have received an email with your child's details). 


See attached document below 'Phonics Sounds Phase 2-5' for all of the phonics sounds, we use thes sound mats in the classroom so the childrne will be familiar with these!

Daily Phonics Lessons Mr Mc is doing online daily phonics lessons focussing on a new sound each day! He is doing it really interactively, we think the children will enjoy him! 

Phonics Play - your child will have used this webpage before, it's a really easy way for them to segment and blend a mixture of real and nonsense words. Obb and Bob is a favourite of ours!


Joe Wicks (The Body Coach) - is holding online PE lessons at 9am Monday-Friday to help your child (and you) keep active whilst at home and to burn off some of that energy! 


Mindfulness - We realise that times of change can be worrying for children (and for us all) and so we will add some relaxation and mindfulness tips here which may help. 

Cosmic Kids - great yoga tutorials for your child to keep active or for a calm moment.


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