School Diversity Week: Leighton Pride 2020!

Dear Parent/ Carer,

We want to make sure that every child in our school does their best. One way we are going to do this is by taking part in School Diversity Week (22-26 June), along with millions of pupils across the UK, and we need your help to make it happen.


Leighton Academy pledges itself to be a place where children, parents and staff, of all races, religions beliefs, ability, age, gender, sexual orientation or socio-economic status can have a sense of identity and self-worth. Therefore, following the huge success of Leighton Pride 2019, we will be joining forces to launch School Diversity Week: Leighton Pride 2020!


What’s the week about?

The focus of the week is celebrating and promoting diversity, inclusion and equality for all.

Preventing bullying

We want to make sure that pupils in our school are not bullied, and we include everyone. It’s also important to prepare young people for the world beyond school, which is a very diverse place.


Doing activities at home/ school

Due to the changes brought about by Coronavirus, we have attached/ shared activities, challenges and ideas (see below) so you can take part from home or school. This page includes activities, examples, ideas and challenges. We would love to create a slideshow/ video presentation of some of the great work produced, so please email this to or your child's class teacher. 


Showing your support and dressing up!

On Friday 26th June, we would love for adults and pupils to dress in bright colours/ a bright colour from the Progress (Rainbow) Flag and share a snap on our school Facebook Page (see our Facebook post on 26th June). If you wish/ consent, photos can also be sent to or shared on the Just Like Us social media pages. The Just Like Us, charity are planning on making a collage to show that even though we can’t be together, we'll still join as one to celebrate diversity.


How you can help

As parents, carers and guardians, we need your support to make sure your child makes the most of the week. We would love for you to:

  1. Support your child to complete the activities and projects suggested.
  2. Take part in the daily photo challenge (there will be details on Just Like Us’s Twitter, Instagram and Facebook). You can help your child find something to photograph, take the photo and send it to
  3. Wear bright rainbow colours/ a bright colour from the Progress (Rainbow) flag on Friday 26th June and share a photo on our school Facebook Page post.
  4. Email any photos and/or examples of work created to 


If you have any questions at all, please get in touch.

All the best, stay safe and let’s stick together!

Mrs Matthias


Supporting Documents:

Fun Activities For All Ages

Daily Photo Challenge

Leighton Pride 2019 Work Examples and Inspiration

Art Work Ideas

Parent and Carer FAQs






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