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Early years - Reception

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Welcome ……

How can my child learn from home?

You may be wondering how your child can learn from home without the resources, equipment and facilities we have at school. However, there are many things to do!

Containing weblinks, online resources and ideas, this page will help you to help your child to learn. You will see that some activities are practical and others more academic, this is because our teaching and learning focuses on achieving the objectives within the Early Years Foundation Stage.

There are a wide range of activities suggested for you to choose from, so that you can do as little or as much as you can manage but agreeing on regular routines and times for school tasks will be most effective for learning so children understand what is expected of them.

What can we do?

Here are some free websites and video clips, and a few of the
children's favourites dances!




(School login at back of your child’s blue
reading journal)


3D shapes & everyday objects



Activities and resources for many subjects

(All temporarily free – see main home learning page for details of how to access this)

(School login at back of your child’s blue reading journal)






Flutter-by – Guided Reading Session



Phonics and Reading
(Temporarily free)



Choose Phase 2 & 3

Pronunciation of sounds



What if we don’t have access to an electronic device?

There’s still lots of choice!
The home-learning RL/RH weekly planner pages and skills below, suggest activities which can be done with or without an electronic device.


How much screen time is too much?

For those who have devices it will be an important tool for learning and accessing information and screen-time will likely increase. However, children still need time away from devices, to keep their bodies and brains fit and healthy.
Children need to access age appropriate games and websites for
learning to happen – not games.

(Many games have age restrictions)


Other Ideas……


*Teach your child to make a sandwich - experiment with toppings and fillers –
                              test the senses (smell, touch, taste)
                                            **Don’t forget to handwash!**

*Skype or face-time a friend or relative - show children how we use technology in our everyday lives.  - talk about e-safety
         ** Make sure your child is only accessing age-appropriate content.**

*Learn their age and address - knowing where they live is essential for safety.


Staying Active

*Show them a map and visit that area - The National Trust are allowing free use of their gardens along with free parking. Pay-for-entry sites including houses, cafes and shops will not be open but many of the gardens, parklands, coasts and
    countryside will be.
                     **However, social distancing rules should still be followed**

Sticky Kids – stand up, sit down

My head, my shoulders,
my knees, my toes

Just dance for Children – a pirate you shall be

Trolls - can’t stop the feelings

Koo Koo Kangaroo – dinosaur stomp


Yoga for children

Funky feet - dough gym


Keeping Calm

The current circumstances will undoubtedly disrupt your household and daily lives so remember to take time-out for you and your family.

There are lots of mindful activities at, such as colouring and challenge cards.

Guided Meditation- space ship journey

Five finger breathing

Staying healthy


Cooling breath

Butterfly body scan

Handwashing cartoon



 Click on the links below to view each weekly plans for home-learning 

Do as many or as little as you can mangage but  remember ........
your child will benefit from a set routine for home-learning and completing tasks will prevent them from becoming bored and irritable, and also not spending too much time on electronic devices.





What if I need help?

You can contact all staff members via email or some on the phone. There will be someone in school that can support you or answer your questions.

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