Reception Starters - September 2020

This page has been created especially for our September 2020 Reception Classes (new starters)

Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, some of this information is subject to change, such as 'What shall I bring/wear/eat?' You will be kept informed of any changes.

Usually at this time of the year we have our intake evening where you have an opportunity to visit the building, staff and to look around. By July, your children would have experienced some transition days in their new classrooms and staff would have visited the children in their pre-schools. This year is very different but we hope you and your child can engage with this page and that it may give you more information and answer some of your questions.



Hi Everybody!!
We can't wait to see you soon but in the meantime,
have a look at our webpage created especially for you so you can find out more about your new school - Leighton Academy.

Who will I see in school?


This is Mrs Hughes and she is the teacher in Class RH

Scroll to the bottom to meet Mrs Hughes




This is Mrs Leigh and she is the teacher in Class RL

Scroll to the bottom to meet Mrs Leigh



This is Mrs Beeston, the Reception Teaching Assistant.
She works in both classrooms.



Even though you will have your own class teacher, all of the people you see here will look after you help you to learn whilst you are in school.

What will I do at school?

We have lots to do inside and outside at school.

Do you like any of these things? We hope so because we have these and many more at school!

You might have been told that we go to school to learn and that is true....but at our school we try to make learning fun!

Here are the things we do most days:

We exercise our arm, hand and finger muscles by doing 'dough gym/disco'. Click this picture to watch the type of things we do. If you have any dough-you can even join in!!


We learn about letters and sounds. We call this English or Phonics.
We share books, use puppets, role play characters and sing songs. 

Click on this picture to hear the alphabet song.



We learn about numbers and shapes. We call this Maths.
We sing number songs, count toys, investigate and explore shapes and  build with blocks too. Click the star to hear our favourite shape song.


Will I get to play on the slide?

Yes, you can! You will get to play outside lots and lots - that's why it is really important to bring your coat everyday, even if it is sunny.


This is where we put our coats
and P.E bags. 

We call them our 'pegs'.


Here's our slide!



What shall I bring to school?

Each week you will bring your P.E kit.
Each day you will need to wear your uniform,
bring your bookbag and your coat.
If it's sunny you might bring a cap.
What will you need to bring if it is cold?



What will I eat at school?

Each day you will be able to have a school dinner. We use colours to help us decide and say which meal we would like to eat. You order your lunch in the classroom each morning by choosing a colour. Green is usually jacket potato and when you get to the dining room, you can add cheese, tuna or beans. There are lots of different meals which hopefully you will be brave enough to taste! If you aren't sure about school dinner, then your grown-up might send you a packed lunch instead.

Here is an example menu:

Just to make sure you are not hungry, we also have snacktime in the classroom daily but because we are a healthy school, our snack is always fruit.

Click this picture to watch a story about a caterpillar who likes fruit too!!

Incase you get thirsty at school - you will have your own water bottle filled with fresh water for you to drink whenever you need.

But what if I don't want to go to school?

At first school can seem scary. We see lots of children who feel worried about leaving their grown-ups to come into school. It's okay to feel worried - we understand. But it is important to us that you know when you are in school, we will be there for you
- to look after you and to help you.

There's going to be some things you might not be able to do - it's okay - that's why we are here to help you. We are good at listening and we can find things to do which will keep you busy until home time.

We have a daily timetable you can look at so you will always know what's next and what you have left to do before home time. Just before home time, we always sing our
goodbye song together. 

                  Click the picture below to hear the song.











Who will we see in school?

The main website introduces you to our team. The people you see will work closely with your child. Mr Pearson (German) and Mrs Holland (P.E) will also work with both reception classes.

Mrs Hughes is our reception lead teacher, Mrs Leigh is our reception class teacher and school subject leader and Mrs Beeston is our teaching assistant with an extensive knowledge of children and Leighton!

If you ever need to contact any of the staff here are their email details:

If you need to communicate with the school office it's:
Or alternatively, the school phone number is: (01270) 814016

There are always opportunities to briefly speak to the teacher at the beginning and end of each school day, however, to ensure we following safeguarding procedures, we don't have time for lengthy discussions that might take our attention away from the safety of the children. Therefore, we ask you speak to the teacher and request a meeting at a more appropriate time. It means we can give you the attention you deserve.

What will my child do at school?

It is true that we learn! But in Early Years we learn through a mixture of play-based activities and more formal tasks. When asked, it is usual for children to tell their parents that they have 'done nothing'. Of course, this is not quite true as they will have been very busy learning but it is not obvious to them that they have done so, meaning they can not always remember and explain!!

Your child will actually be experiencing - English, Maths, Phonics, shared reading, dough gym, German, P.E, Computing, activities which promote their knowledge and understanding of the world (sciences, history, geography) and importantly developing a social and emotional awareness of society, themselves and others.

How can I help my child to learn?

 Phonics, English and Maths are especially important and you can support us with your child's learning by reading the book in their bookbag daily, for up to 10 minutes. Also, your child will have free access to online learning platforms called mathletics, Myon and Purple Mash. These are used to complete simple online homework style tasks and play games (log-ins and passwords will be provided).


More than anything, simply talk to your child.Talk about weather, daytime, nightime, road signs and street names. Talk about family - who is related to them. Talk about where they live - local places, buildings and landmarks, places you like to go together. Talk about likes and dislikes and why they have such likes or dislikes. Talk about things they see in the garden, pets, plants and natural things.

(Top tip: Limit screen-time and replace with talk-time. Research shows children are not talking enough and the consequences of this are late talkers, overly shy talkers, over use of baby talk and speech problems).

What should my child bring to school?
(Subject to change)

Your child will need to bring their P.E bag on Mondays and leave it at school until Friday. Not only does this mean it is available for additional P.E type activities that may occur but it can be used for 'spares', in case of accidents. Many parents like to put an extra set of underwear in the P.E bag, incase their child ever needs to change.

A brand new free water bottle will be provided and labelled specifically for your child. It will be kept in school permanantly. It will be dishwashed weekly, and the lids sterilised at the end of every school day. Each new day, the bottle will be filled with water from the water dispenser and will be re-filled as needed throughout the day.
Many parents worry that their child does not like water - you are not the first! Our school promotes healthy eating and drinking, therefore, we only put water into the bottles - this includes adults also. Promoting good habits for all generally means those most adverse to drinking water quickly change their minds to join in with their friends and teachers. 

The free bookbag which we will give to your child within the first couple of weeks at school should also come to school each day, with the reading book we have provided inside. 

Please send your child's coat in everyday - even if it seems sunny/warm. We use the outdoor areas quite a lot and it is useful for the children to have an extra layer if needed.

(Top tip: If avoidable, maybe not a 'best coat'. Learning through play can be a messy business and children are by nature, quite messy. Please understand if your child has got any piece of their clothing messy at school - it is because they have been busy learning through investigation and exploration).

What will my child eat at school?
(subject to change)

Every child in lower primary school is entitled to free school meals. This is usually a hot school dinner, with the option of a sandwich baguette on Tuesdays and Thursdays. The children eat in the dining room altogether. However, if you feel your child would prefer a packed lunch containing things you know they will eat - this is also fine. If having a packed lunch brought from home, your child will eat in the classrooms with others who are having packed lunches too. 
(Top tip:It is helpful for your child to practise opening and closing, and recognising their name label on their their lunchbox).

You may recall in the Kid's Zone that snacktime is mentioned. To enable us to provide choice and quality, we ask for a volutary contribution each term- payable through our online school payment system - Arbor (Don't panic! You will be given a log-in and password for this system in September.)

What if my child does not want to come to school?

Again, this is not the first time we have heard this!
Our staff are very experienced at handling these situations and we expect some children to experience difficulties in the morning as they are dropped off. It is a time that can be upsetting for you all and we understand this but our many years of experience advise you to follow the 'short and sweet' rule. This means make goodbyes quick and positive. You may leave your child crying and feel it shouldn't happen or that you are the only one to calm them but we are experienced at distracting, comforting and when the time is right, at developing a child's ability to self-soothe and regulate their own emotions. Often parents make phone calls into school to check on the upset little person they left at the door only to find they settled about 2 minutes after the adult left. This is the usual pattern we observe, however, we would never allow a child to be upset or distressed for extended periods -  you will always be contacted.

An additional way we show your child has settled is through our online communication platform, Earwig. This is a system we use to share photographs and comments with you, showing what your child has been doing/done at school. Sometimes a parent leaves an upset child, only to later see a time-stamped image of their smiling child taken 1 or 2 minutes after their departure.
Please trust us - whilst in our class, they become our child too.

(Top tip: Remember short and sweet)

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