Peer Mentors

As peer mentors we help to prevent bullying in the school and make children feel safe on the premises.  We also pay a lot of attention to cyber bullying and online safety. We have had the internet legends from Google come in and talk to us about keeping safe on the internet and on social media sites such as SnapChat, Instagram and We also have Digi Dog,From Parent Zone, who Lilli and Skye look after.

We have lots of jobs for the peer mentors to do to help the children and the school safe.  We have a Head Girl,Erin,and a Deputy Head Girl,Amy. Their duties are to make sure that the peer mentors feel safe as well as other children in the school they also collect evidence for the Diana Award that we try to acheive each year.

As peer mentors we have jobs that are designated to us -                

  • Website- Katy                                                                                                   
  • Relaxation- Rosie & Amy
  • Worry Box & Biff (Our Worry Eater)- All
  • Newsletter- Paige & Amy
  • Internet safety- Lilli & Skye                                                          
  • Displays- Katy & Keighley
  • Assemblies- All
  • Attendance- Lola & Keighley
  • Childrens rights-  Rosie
  • Kindness Fairies- Secret identity
  • Vision for Crewe- Carly
  • Anti-Bullying ambasssadors- Lilli & Skye


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