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Recently to celebrate 10 years of our PASCH status the Goethe Institute mad a film all about our work. Please watch our children perform ! We feature at on the top browser bar:



June saw Leighton once more performing songs, dances plays and games to the whole school and distinguished guests for our Sommerfest.  Our guests included Clive Mosby from CANTA, Janine Turner from Macclesfield, Steven Fawkes from the BBC and media personality Diana Mather. All the children took part and the guests all remarked upon how enthusiastic and keen the children were to show their language skills! Gut gemacht!  Pictures to see below. 

Year Five recently enjoyed much valuable learning and had great fun on a recent visit to the lovely German city of Cologne. As in previous years we visited the magnificent Gothic cathedral and sang there; we once more used our German to buy ice cream and souvenirs, and we also enjoyed a visit to the Cologne zoo, the Bayarena football stadium and a highlight was the visit on the final day to the Cologne chocolate museum! Lecker! Please check out our photos below! 

HUGE congratulations to the children in Y5 who recently sat the Goethe Institute FIT in Deutsch exam.

Every single one of our children passed, and a number with distinction! 

Really well done, this is a test normally used for children at KS3, and the achievement of Leighton children here is outstanding.


They were presented with their certificates by Kathrin Lauber of the Goethe Insitute London. 


Special thanks to the Y5 teachers, and our German interns, Matthias and Sven. 


Please see pics below!


Thank you to Mrs. Giles and Mrs. Parry from Sir William Stanier for coming and doing some cross-phase work with Y6 in German and Spanish! Pics below.....


At Leighton we now have an account with Linguascope! This means you and your child can work on your language skills from home! You can also brush up other languages too!  Our username: deutsch password: prima 

Have fun and learn! 


 In March Year 5 were lucky to be able to visit the lovely German city of Colgne for a few days. Highlights included:

  • visiting and singing in Cologne cathedral
  • using German to buy delicious ice cream!
  • visiting the famour Cologne zoo
  • having a tour of the BayArena football stadium in German and English
  • doing German bowling
  • using our German to buy souvenirs
  • meeting our German penpals in their school, the KGS Gotenring, Deutz and playing with them 

A WONDERFUL time was had by all and much quality learning took place.

Danke Miss Brennand and all the staff who helped with this amazing visit. 

Please check out our photos below! 


Also.... Year 3 had an opportunity to see a performance by the world-famous puppeteer Uwe Spillmann. Uwe put on two short plays in English and German for the children which they REALLY enjoyed, especially the rain!

Please see the photos below! 

As you will know now all children in the school are learning German and are having lots of fun acquiring new skills and insights into culture.


Recently Y4 were lucky to pilot an exciting language assessment programme called the Language Magician.

Children had to use their knowledge and skill of German to release some animals trapped in a tower by the evil wizard!

Much learning and fun was had by all. The theme tied in beautifully with Y4 and their Harry Potter theme. Thank you to the Goethe Institute London, to Roma, Anne and Sarah for an enjoyable day of language learning!


In March Y5 had a FANTASTIC time visiting Cologne for a few days. Highlights include:

  • seeing the imposing gothic cathedral
  • seeing the river Rhine
  • viewing the love locks on the Hohenzollern bridge
  • going to the Bayer football stadium
  • using German to buy ice cream (lecker!)
  • going to the Cologne chocolate factory!
  • Bowling
  • buying souvenirs using our German

A wonderful time was had by all and well done to the children for exemplary behavour, good language use and attitude. Let's look forward to the next one!


Well done to the children of Y4 who recently went to the Goethe Institute exhibition in Liverpool, had fun, learned a lot and won some exciting prizes for their follow up work! Please see the pictures below!


Recently our school was kindly given a magnificent set of real German street signs by our partner town in Germany, Bischofsheim. We now use these to name our corridors in school!

So......... instead of going doen the KS2 corridor to the hall...... the children are in Bischofsheim going along the Goethestrasse!


Vielen Dank Dietmar Zaia and Mr. Clive Mosby of CANTA (Crewe and Nantwich Twinning Association)

Yet more news!

We were so very fortunate to have a visit by two professional German Handball teachers who came to teach the Y5 children about the game, its history and words and phrases associated with the sport! This happy, enjoyable and challenging event was organised thanks to Kathrin Lauber of the Goethe Institute London. Thanks to Tini and Toralf!

You can view some of the fun we had here:

A further clip from ALL, the Association for Language Learning  can be found here:


Please also see the photos below. Look out Germany, we will be working at this sport....!


Latest news: recently 10 Year 4 of our children had a brilliant time in London at the Goethe Institute in South Kensington.

The children were taken through the globally acclaimed Umdenken (rethink) exhibition and then had a fantsatic opportunity to work in small numbers with a group of young scientists from Germany and Italy. It was an insipirational event,  a real opportunity for the children to examine Science and German first hand with native speaker input. Pictures below in the gallery for you to enjoy.

Thank you Kathrin and Goethe!


Also.... on the 2nd July Leighton Academy celebtated their yearly showcase of skills, insights and progression in German. A fantastic time was had by all, with songs, role-play, dances and paired convestations illustrating progression and achievement.

Many guests were present including local secondary headteachers, representatives of CANTA, and Gina Hall from ALL.

Helen Mobey, visiting teacher from Reading had this to say:   
This is just a quick email to say thank you so much for the visit yesterday - seeing the pupils perform was inspiring! One aspect that really stands out is how enthusiastic and confident the children are with their spoken German, both in classes and in the corridors around the school. 

Again, please enjoy our photos in the gallery 



Other recent news: Y6 had some real fun making copies of the famous Berlin landmark, the Funkturm! This is a Radio and TV tower located at the heart of the city. Pictures and details of our work can be seen here:


Y5 had a FANTASTIC experience  in the Spring Term combining Maths and German during a recent visit to the Global Language Immersion Centre in Gloucester. The exhibition, which features hands on dual language activities, was organised by the Goethe Institute, London.  We had a fantastic time and learned a lot about the two subjects. Please look at our photos below!


We have been combining craft and German! Take a look at the photos of  our lovely German Christmas Houses in the gallery!


In addition the children in Y1 and Y2 have been looking at toys in German and they have been making Hampelmänner! Please see our photos below!


The children have also made special Schultüten for the start of the year! These are colourful cones given to children on their first day. They normally contain sweets, chocolate and items the children will need for their lessons. Each one is special.


We have also made German snapdragons - Himmel und Hölle - to develop our language skills. Photos are below!


Chlidren also recently make a German photostory about a special ghost in her castle - Schlotterine! They made the figures, then narrated the story in German!


Also.... Annika, one of our German guest students taught the children about Topfschlagen - a popular game for a birthday party!


The children have been learning about German Karneval celebrations too - please look at our Faschingsmasken from Y1 - more to follow soon!


 3B had a lovely surprise when four Y10 children from King's Grove school came with their teacher, Mrs. Smith to share a German song they had written!

The older children taught the class the song then we shared what we can do! A great time was had by all. Danke!


On European Day of Languages Y6 had an amazing time learning new German and some French thanks to staff and children at Sir William Stanier Community School. As well as delicious food tasting children sang songs, learned a dance and were able to show their considerable skills! Many thanks to Mr. Eager of SWS and his staff for a truly memorable experience.

And........Y2 recently enjoyed a German story about...... a wolf! We retold the story, learned the names for items of clothing then acted it out!


And finally: thanks to the Goethe Institute London and the University of Leipzig the children had a wonderful experience learning about the life and work of the German Expressionist artist, August Macke.


They produced some amazing artwork in his style, some of which can be seen at:

Stop press.......


All children in Y3, 4, 5 and 6 now have a named German penpal!


This is to raise achievement, motivation and link spoken German to Literacy.

Our contacts are:

KGS Gotenring, Köln Deutz

Grundschule West am See, Neubrandenburg   


We look forward to these contacts expanding with email, and exchange of other exciting materials!


We also have a link to a German speaking school in Brazil!

Please have a look!



To help your child enjoy their German and to improve your skills please look at:  this site has a lot of useful information and many fun games!

Please also see the Goethe Institute website:


And… we are very proud to be a PASCH school, - a rare privilege, please look at the webpage below for further information:

We also have a subscription to the language games website Linguascope. As well as German this site offers other languages too, at differing levels. Our username is deutsch and the password wunderbar  . Please play! 


 Bis bald!


Mr. Pearson

If you are a student from a German-speaking country and wish to apply for an internship at Leighton we would be delighted to hear from you.

Please note demand is high and we cannot guarantee a place but have to allocate according to when places are available.

All those wishing to come should send a full c.v. for consideration and please be aware that for safeguarding purposes an erweitetes polizeiliches Führungszeugnis will be required on arrival, and a letter from the relevant university / organisation.

Further information regarding safeguarding in primary schoools in the UK can be found at:


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