Geography At Home

Geography At Home

So much geography can take place from home, it can be an opportunity for you to get outside and explore your world (without leaving your garden!) Now is a really good time to enjoy the area around you, we have suddenly got all of this time to sit and look at the world around us. 

The Geographical Association has some really fun activities; a great way to apply your amazing geography skills from your garden, home or in your local area whilst out on a daily walk!

We might suddenly feel like we are 'stuck' at home and may be desperate to explore further afield, remember we have such amazing technology that allows us to do this. 

Google Earth allows us to explore anywhere in the World, maybe you could choose a country that you would like to go to and explore what the land looks like from above or use Google to research about this place. Think about the places you have previously learnt about in school, could you find out some extra information about this place?

World Geography Games is a website some of you will be familiar with. Challenge yourself and let me know your score!

I would LOVE to see any Geography that you are doing from home - please send pictures to me and I could add photos below to give inspiration to others :) 


Recycling and looking after our planet! 

What are you doing from home to make sure your family is being sustainable?

Remember recycling those recyclable items is so important. Maybe this could be your job at home, checking any items before they are thrown away, which bin should they go in? See the document below.

You should all have your little green food bins at home now, think back to the assembly ran by our Environmental Councillors, can you remember what is allowed in them? See the attached document to check you are using yours correctly!


Geography taking place from home.

Isabelle in 6E has been continuing her 'Environmental Councillor' role from home and used recycled materials to make VE bunting for her family. 



Alfie and Charlie in Year 1 have used Oak National Academy lessons to learn about the 7 continents of the world! Here is some work about Africa. 

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