Children's Check-In

During this time, we want to reach out to you and offer our support as much as we can. If you are feeling lonely, if someone is being unkind online or if you would just like to check in with us, please get in touch.


Just like in school, you can reach out to talk to us by emailing:


At a time like this, it is so important to look after your mind and body, to pull together and support one and other.

So remember:

Reach out to each other,

reach out to us,

look after youself,

be kind


keep safe.

Don't forget to visit our Wellbeing Hub by hovering your arrow across the top of our Home Page or click here to find some useful clips, websites and activties. 

KS2, you can also access our KiVa Games online by clicking this link and using your KiVa password.

Purple Mash have a great section, with a range of activities to help too. Click the link and search PSHE to explore the resources.

Cheshire Constabulary have a weekly message for you, while you are at home! Take a look here, to see their message and activities. Can you solve the riddle?!

Keep Active:

10 Mindfulness Tips

1. Breathe

As simple as it sounds, taking the time to focus on nothing but your breathing will help to clear your mind. Try experimenting with breaths (breathe in for 2, exhale for 4) to find your own natural rhythm.


2. Muscle relaxation

When tensions are running high, lie on the floor and starting from your toes, tense your muscles for 5 seconds – squeezing as tightly as they can – before releasing again.


3. Sensing the senses!

Tap into your senses by pausing for a moment and noticing exactly what you can see, hear and smell in that particular moment.


4. Noticing emotions

Mindfulness teaches you that it’s ok not to be ok. Recognising the emotion that you are experiencing is the most important thing, as well as understanding that this emotion will fade over time.


5. Time on your hands

For those needing some breathing space, a simple yet effective exercise is to hold out your hand in a high five pose, then as slowly as you can, trace round each finger with your other hand.


6. Strike a pose

When thinking of mindfulness, yoga  is the first exercise that springs to most peoples’ minds. Click on the word yoga to try this out!


7. Heartbeats

Jog on the spot for 30 seconds to release some much needed endorphins then put your hands on your heart, noticing the speed of the beats. This simple exercise is effective in improving your focus.


 8. Practise gratitude

When a day seems to have been a complete disaster, take the time to have a quick conversation, share one positive thing about your day, write a list of things you are grateful for or keep a gratitude diary. 


 9. Youtube meditation

There are so many fantastic guided meditation channels on Youtube now, such as “Peace out” which lead you through a relaxation sequence and Headspace for Kids. (Click the links to explore!)


10. The sound of music

Close your eyes and listen to your favourite music or a piece of music which makes you feel positive. Open your eyes when you notice that the sound has completely gone and silence has been restored. Make a playlist of your favourite songs to play when you need a little boost or motivation. 


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