Nursery - 2 year old provision 2017 - 2018

Mrs Jenkins

Mrs Jenkins

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Miss Pate

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Miss Przybylska


Miss Pate and Miss Przybylska would like to welcome you to the 2 Year Old Provision

Summer Term 2018

As the months are beginning to get warmer, please ensure that your child brings a named sun hat to nursery and also has suncream applied before the start of the session. Please remember to bring a spare change of clothes for your child every session.

This term we are going to be planning lots of fun activities based around your child's interests.

The children naturally take an interest in their environment and we will be looking at summer activities including observing insects and plants and learning about their life cycles. We will also be basing our learning around natural resources such as sand, water, soil, mud, grass, flowers and leaves.

The summer months will provide us with the opportunity to develop our gross motor skills through the open outdoor space where we can run, climb, balance, learn new skills and play group games.

This term, we will also be focussing on the topic 'People Who Help Us', learning about their roles through stories, role play, small world play, practical activities and special visitors to nursery.

Talk for Writing -

This term, we will be focussing on the following books:​​​​​​

We're Going on a Bear Hunt(Summer Term 2)

  • We will be familiarising ourselves with the story and begin to understand prepositions 'over, under and through' using actions to help us.
  • We will be physically experiencing the different sensory transitions that the characters go through in  the story. This includes paddling in water, squelching through 'mud' and walking bare foot on grass. This will help us to understand the language used in the story and give a more meaningful understanding.
  • We will recall key parts of the story, using actions and language to create a story map through photos.
  • Will will be enhancing our understanding of the story and language through other sensory experiences such as a bear hunt small world tuft tray, sensory bottles, hiding the bear and painting with natural resources such as sticks.

The Train Ride(Summer Term 2)

  • Activities to follow May half-term.


Parents/Carers Stay and Play

This Term we will be inviting parents to a ‘Stay and Play Get Moving With Maths’ session so keep checking this page and the main nursery page for details.

Home Learning Activities: Summer Term

  • Have a trip to the beach and make sandcastles. Use dry sand then wet sand to see the difference. What can you find to decorate your sandcastle? Use natural resources to create and count.
  • Use paintbrushes, buckets and water to let your child 'paint' the fences and floor. Create pictures and patterns and comment how the water dries in the sun and makes the marks disappear!
  • Talk to your child about how to stay safe in the sun.
  • When outside, look for your shadows. Who has the biggest? smallest? Does it always follow or does it sometimes change position? Can you chase and stamp on your shadow? Use chalk and draw around your child's shadow. Help them to draw around somebody else's shadow.
  • Make some icecubes at home. Talk about what you need to do and observe what happens to them before and after. What happens to the ice in the drink?
  • Go on a bug hunt in your garden. What kind of insects can you see or hear? Where do they live?

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