Class 6J 2017 - 2018

Mr Jones

Welcome to Class 6J

Your Year 6 team is Mr Emes and Mr Jones, along with Mrs McDonough and Mrs. Prince.

Your Class Councillor is Mia Vyse.

Vice Class Councillor is Dilon Brock.


We will be giving the children some English and Maths homework from the middle of January in order to help the children revise the concepts useful for their KS2 SATs in May 2018.

Year 6 homework will be given out on Mondays and reviewed on Fridays.  Children will also need to learn their spellings and focus times tables, have five entries in his/her reading journal (50 pages per week minimum, please), and earn a Mathletics certificate.  Such homework will be good preparation for High School in September.

Spelling tests (5 spellings only to encourage deeper learning) are done on a Friday.  Try to complete 12 x 12 grids regularly.  Children in Year 6 must know all their times tables facts (multiplication and division) and number bonds instantly.

Please make sure that your child reads for at least 30 mins five evenings each week and makes a note of it in their reading journal, either at home or in school in the morning.  Also, it would be great if you had some time to discuss and share the book with your child.  We are really trying to promote reading for enjoyment and pleasure.  A record will be kept of the reading completed by your child and rewards can be earned.


Check out the file at the bottom of the page for recommended books and authors


SATs Revision Homework (week beginning 12.2.18)

Maths Book, pages 56-59, Perimeter and Area

English Book, pages 41-44, Active and Passive; Tenses; Formal and Informal Writing; Standard and Non-Standard English 

Please carry out the self-assessment at the bottom of the pages.


SATs Revision Homework (week beginning 26.2.18)

Maths Book, pages 22-25: Order of Operations; Estimation and Accuracy; Multiples and Factors

English Book, pages 47-50: Punctuating Sentences; Commas; Apostrophes; Inverted Commas

Please carry out the self-assessment at the bottom of the pages.


SATs Revision Homework (week beginning 5.3.18)

Maths Book, pages 64-67: Angles; 2D Shapes

English Book, pages 58-61: Prefixes; Suffixes; Word Families; Synonyms and Antonyms

Please carry out the self-assessment at the bottom of the pages.


SATs Revision Homework (week beginning 12.3.18)

Maths Book, pages 10-13: Roman Numerals; Decimals; Rounding Off

English Book, pages 7-11: Word Meaning; Retrieving Information; Summarising

Please carry out the self-assessment at the bottom of the pages.


SATs Revision Homework (week beginning 19.3.18)

Maths Book, pages 30 and 31: Comparing Fractions; pages 70 and 71: Co-ordinates

English Book, pages 64-67: Plurals, Suffixes and Prefixes, Homophones

Please carry out the self-assessment at the bottom of the pages.


Spellings (week beginning 26.2.18) 'aero- and auto-' prefixes

Group 1 spellings: aerodynamic, aeronautical, autobiography, automobile, autopsy

Group 2 spellings: aeroplane, aerodrome, autograph, automatic, autopilot


Spellings (week beginning 5.3.18) 'aqua- and anti-' prefixes

Group 1 spellings: aquarium, aqueduct, aquatic, antibiotic, antiseptic

Group 2 spellings: aquamarine, aqualung, aquaplane, antisocial, antibody


Spellings (week beginning 12.3.18) Homophones

Group 1 spellings: ascent/assent, guessed/guest, compliment/complement, principal/principle, dissent/descent

Group 2 spellings: grate/great, whether/weather, aloud/allowed, past/passed, practise/practice


Spellings (week beginning 19.3.18) Homophones

Group 1 spellings: affect/effect, advice/advise, draft/draught, profit/prophet, stationery/stationary

Group 2 spellings: peace/piece, scene/seen, steal/steel, father/farther, licence/license


Check out the Years 3/4 and Years 5/6 spellings lists below:

Web links for the statutory spelling lists:

Statutory Spelling list for Years 5 and 6

Statutory Spelling list for Years 3 and 4 

To help revise for assessments, visit the following websites:

Spelling rules used on SATs spelling tests so far

SPAG and spelling revision

BBC Spelling Bitesize

SPAG and spelling games

BBC Maths revision

CGP Maths revision and games



P.E. kits are to be brought to school every Monday and left in school until Friday.

Athletics: 6J -  Tuesday P.M.; 6E -  Tuesday P.M.

Dance:  Wednesday P.M.

What are we learning?

This spring term, these are some of our topics:

Literacy - 'Talk For Writing' pieces covering the genres of suspense, a wishing tale, biography and narrative.

Maths - number sequences; column methods for multiplying; long division; adding and subtracting with fractions; multiplying and dividing fractions; using algebra; volume and scaling; circles; transformations in the four quadrants.

History - Railways; The Achievements of the Indus Valley and the Mayan ancient civilisations

Geography: Rainforests of South America; time zones

Science - Evolution; Forces

Computing - Hour of Code; coding using 'Purple Mash'; Blogs

R.E. - How does God demonstrate his love for humanity through Jesus?; What are the roles of the Trinity in the Christian view of God?

P.S.H.C.E. - CoJo; philosophical discussion; CEOP

German - Playing sports; equipment; profile of a famous sports personality; Karneval; Funfairs and Theme Parks; Number Development; Opinions; Ostern

P.E. - athletics, dance

Music - Singing; Garage Band

Art - Drawing and Painting skills; North American artists (Louis Masie)

D.T. - Textiles and Enterprise


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