Wolf Brother

Date: 10th Nov 2015 @ 11:35am

Year 5 love Wolf Brother!

Torak is alone: wounded, terrified and on the run. His father lies dead, slaughtered by a demon bear. His only ally is an orphaned wolf cub ...


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Ellie wrote:

I luv the story about wolf brother its so exciting !!!

Carly wrote:

It's so exciting to find out what happens next . I think that Finn Keddin will keep Torak alive and still be a strong leader .

lilli wrote:

i think this to carly!

JJ wrote:

I also think that carly he will stay alive

Harrison wrote:

I think s too!!!!! :)

Victoria wrote:

I think s too!!!:)

Alisha wrote:

I enjoy reading wolf brother it's really exciting!!!!

Kayleigh wrote:

I would like to read that book sometime because it sounds intresting

Erin G wrote:

I am dying to read more and find out what happens to Torak!!!!

Carly wrote:

Who thinks Torak will stay alive ?

Jasmine wrote:

Wolf brother is very interesting and detailed !

Erin wrote:

I agree with Carly Torak will stay alive is my opinion

Daniel wrote:

Wolf Brother is an amazing book . Don't kill torak fin kedin or it will be over . NOO!!!!!!

Alan wrote:

At the moment Wolf Brother is my favorite book and it is teaching me loads of new words and it is very fascinating.

JJ wrote:

my favourite part in wolf brother was when wolf was playing with torak

JJ wrote:

Wolf brother is a very exiting topic for literacy it has lots of tiny details when it comes to descriptions. My favourite character is either Torak,Finn kedin or the demon bear because Torak is a good hunter and Finn kedin is a very strong leader also the demon bear has lots of descriptive language when it comes to the descriptions.

Harrison wrote:

I am enjoying wolf brother so far. I loved Torak's battle!

Harrison wrote:

I love reading Wolf Brother as it is a really interesting story !!! :)

Eadaoin wrote:

It has been interesting to learn about Wolf Brother, to go into the forest and imagine that you are in Torak's forest.

Madison wrote:

It was so exciting. I always want to read the next bit!

Molly. S wrote:

I think so too. :-). It really enjoys me when we read it is am really pleased to hear the next bit!πŸ˜€

Amy wrote: wrote:

I think Fin-Keddin won't spare Torak's life...because his Father (Fa) had brought the demon bear upon them all...but Torak might be their listener!!!

Heidi Letts wrote:

i have love writing about the book and i enjoyed prenting we are in torak forest.

George Butler wrote:

I really like Wolf brother, my favourite part was when Hord and Torak had a fight. I think Torak didn't cheat because he used steam not fire.

Kayla wrote:

Wolf Brother is such a great book, it builds up a lot tension. Wanna see what happens next!!

Kayla wrote:

Who thinks Finn Kedinn will find Renn, Torak and Wolf, it is like a cliff hanger sort of thing

jasmine wrote:

i love wolf brother so much it really shows the image in my head my favourite character has to be wolf but i love the book so much and i am so happy that mr jones let us read it thank you so much mr jones

jasmine wrote:

i love wolf brother so much it really shows the image in my head my favourite character has to be wolf but i love the book so much and i am so happy that mr jones let us read it thank you so much mr jones

Amy wrote: wrote:

I loved Wolf Brother

Katy Goodwin 5E wrote:

we recently finish the book i wont give any spoilers but this book was fantastic i really want to raed the next one

Amy wrote: wrote:

I really enjoyed the book about Wolf Brother an I am so excited to read Sprit Walker.

George Butler wrote:

Hey, I am reading spirit Walker, I'm at chapter 17 and loving it..... Best book ever!

Jonathan wrote:

I loved wolfbrother I learnt all these new facts just in one book!!!so good πŸ˜€

George Butler wrote:

I am on chapter 27 of Spirit Walker, the end of chapter 26 was simply amazing. No spoilers....

alfie rogerson wrote:

wolf brother was awesome and i decided to continue with the series

Olivia wrote:

I think I might do that as well

Tamara wilding wrote:

I thought that wolf brother was amazing exspesherly the end

EllieπŸ‘» wrote:

We finished the book but it was good 😊😊😊

Tamara wrote:

I don't want to spoile any think but I recamend reading wolf brother,
You will be blonde away because I was this book has inspired me to read a lot more books like that,at one point I wasn't into reading but after this book I have read a lot more!

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