Date: 8th Sep 2015 @ 2:09pm

Welcome to the Artis blog!

Here is where you can comment and see lots of pictures about what you have all been doing in your Artis lessons. Have a peek of what other year groups have been doing, comment on what your class has been up to or suggest what you would like to do next.

These lessons are great fun and allow you the chance to perform like the professionals.

There is a performer in all of you!

Please leave your name and class next to any comments you leave.

Thank you and get blogging!

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1S wrote:

We loved our Artis lesson! We swooped through the air like an owl, crept through the wood like a fox and scurried like a mouse! We are looking forward to next week!

heidi 5E wrote:

that sounds fun

4N wrote:

In our first Artis lesson we pretended we were lots of Harry Potter characters. We swished our wands like Harry, poured potions, wrapped our cape around us and stood strictly like Snape. We are excited for next week.

Darcey Cooke wrote:

I loved our Artis lessons. I also got into the lunchtime club. Our theme last week was Ocean themed. My favourite underwater creatcher is a dolphin. The Artis lady is called Tink. They each have their own sound names!

Ellie wrote:

I love artis is is dance drama and really fun stuff

Year 4 wrote:

Children are loving their lunch time club. Today they moved like explorers.

4N wrote:

Children enjoyed using their wand today and practising their spells.

oliver berry wrote:

Artis is awesome I love. When we did the Harry Potter scenes

Freya Gibson wrote:

This is really fun pretending to be Harry potter characters like strict snape and dumbldore I am having so much fun thank you tink for the best drama lessons ever thankyou artis your the best of the best

Kim Hawkes wrote:

I love the Artis lessons that Tink teaches us! They are amazing.

Erin G wrote:

Y5 JUST DID AN ARTIS LESSON WHICH I LOVED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I loved it because we learnt the start to an awesome dance and did a warm up of scary creatures and people for a special Halloween theme.

Tyler Macdonald wrote:

I enjoyed it with clunk

Maisie GOODWIN wrote:

I agree with you Tyler I did to .

heidi 5E wrote:

so do I tyler


I like artist because it learns add you have fun.

heidi 5E wrote:

I love artis because it gets you moving clunk teaches us.

ellie 5j wrote:

I love artis love the pics 😍😚

3S wrote:

Loves artis lessons in the amblell and the class

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