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Date: 11th Nov 2015 @ 5:14pm

Please use this blog to communicate with each other.

You could;

  • Comment on something you have found interesting or exciting in class.
  • Start a discussion about something in the news.
  • Discuss the homework or other learning.
  • Share anything exciting you have been up to at the weekend.

These are just a few ideas of how you can use this blog.

Remember all posts are sent to me to check before they appear online so they will not appear online instantly.

Happy blogging

Mr J

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LucasJ wrote:

I love our school my favourite subject is let's write
And my like all my freinds

cui pan wrote:

I like it too

JJ wrote:

So exited going running with my granddad sooooo tired but you gotta do what you gotta do


Kayla wrote:

JJ LOL :D :0 :)

Mr Jones wrote:

Well done to the children from 5J that competed in the gymnastics competition. Double winners! Team and individual!

JJ wrote:

Well done to those in the gymnastics competition special well done to Keighley 2 first congrats guys

Lilli wrote:

Well done guys congratualtions

Kayla wrote:

thanks guys for the support

Victoria wrote:


Skye wrote:

I love school and congratulation to the gymnasts who won. School is one of the best things

Alisha wrote:

I love school so much I love learning my favourite subject is maths and lets write

Lilli wrote:

This school is the best the teachers are really kind,helpful.

Rosie wrote:

Art is really fun I cant wait to do my pot but I'm also very excited to have my hot chocolate and biscuits in DT.

Kayla wrote:

I love Leighton Academy, deserves to be the best!

Kayla :D wrote:

I'm sooo nervous for the gymnastics competion in Feb, who wouldn't be nervous representing Crewe AND Nantwich!!!! :D :D

Kayla wrote:

And the dance club dancers in March are performing at the Crewe Lyceum, nervous for that too! :D

victoria wrote: wrote:

I 've got two things to tell you I love all the subjects that the class learn, and you also get good Education and the other thing is CONGRATS to the gymnasts


Harrison wrote:

What have we learnt in Wolf Brother today? (4.2.2016)

Jonathan wrote:

I am realy happy that I got 30 seconds in my swimming I am really proud

Carly wrote:

Eeekkkk . So excitied and scared for the Gotta Dance Show at the Lyceum theatre !! I'm sure we will be fine and do super well . It's on my dads birthday. Ha ha . Good luck other dancers in the show .

Rosie wrote:

As you said we are going to be fine and we were

Victoria wrote:

The most exciting thing ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, it was really scary but we did great good luck to the other dancers it is a bit too late sorry guys!!!!!

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